OTC Principal Desk​

Experience The Deepest Liquidity And Top-tier Market Pricing For Your Assets

Principal Trading OTC Desk​

Direct execution with our fixed prices. Experience zero order routing and eliminate slippage for seamless trading transactions.

Wide Coin Range of 150+ Asset Pairs

Trade over 150 crypto assets 24/7 via API against fiat currencies (EUR, USD, CHF, CAD) and stablecoins (USDC, USDT), now also featuring trading via RfR. Enjoy continuous access to a 24/7 price stream, ensuring you're always in the loop with the latest market movements.

Competitive Pricing Approach

Enhanced liquidity solutions for cryptocurrencies and top exchanges

Fully Licensed And Regulated Setup In Germany with Bankhaus Scheich

With our regulated setup in Germany, we ensure low counterparty risk as a certified credit institution.

Powerful API

Trade effortlessly with tradias across multiple channels: our Trading Platform, Chat, or API, all offering secure, unique experiences. Now with the power to handle over 200 trades per second per client, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and speed in your trading endeavors.

Trade Via OEMS

Trade through multiple channels with tradias, including our own Trading Platform or alternatively via Chat or API, each providing a unique and secure trading experience.​​

Easy Settlement


Streamline OTC settlements with options for T+1 and weekly cycles, light collateral, and lower risk.

Fiat Settlement

Supporting SEPA, BCB BLINC and international wire transfers.

Crypto Settlement

tradias only settles via custodial wallets

Settlement API

Enables flexible settlements including on-demand and customizable cut-off times.



Product is designed for robustness, with industry-leading uptime (99.5% uptime is guaranteed according to SLAs, current uptime 99.9%)

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24/7 trading available

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